"I believe evidence of how a client feels about my counselling approach will be

the most effective guide to help you choose my counselling services."

"Madonna has a very professional approach and was able to connect with me on a personal and understanding level. More to the point, Madonna gave me the feeling that she actually cared.

Her 'follow up' process is outstanding.

If your personal difficulties in life are getting on top of you, which they were for me, then I would recommend contacting Madonna.

Without seeming melodramatic, if it was not for Madonna's intervention at my lowest point, I probably would not be here today.

Remember, 'one day at a time'."


SR - male, 2017

"Madonna is a very understanding person. I feel very happy when talking to her.

Feedback boxes indicated:  always found the counselling sessions helpful; comfortable and able to talk freely and felt listened to."


CM - female, 2015-2016

"Counselling sessions were conducted professionally.  I could talk freely, openly and felt listened to and her responses encouraged me to help myself."


HS - female, 2015