• Graduate Diploma in Counselling through the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP).

  • Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood  (Queensland University of Technology)

  • Associate Diploma In Child Care (Queensland College of Teachers)

  • Cores Certificate in Suicide Prevention Course



Counselling  Experience 

 Provided counselling for adults online and in person.

 Worked with young children and youth in

 educational  settings. 


Psychology Patient

Counselling Approach 


The integrated counselling approach I adopt to suit your needs includes:


  • client centred therapy 

  • evidence based

  • strength based

  • mindfulness 

Initial Session


  • During our initial session I will ask about what you would like to work through and establish a collaborative aim for the session and gather some details about you.

  • Together we will work out ways for you to seek clarity about your concerns by exploring your thoughts and feelings. The aim is about encouraging you to work out what is best for you under professional guidance to:


  • build awareness of the impacts of your concerns within your own mind

  • foster a sense of well-being

  • develop coping strategies in your life

  • draw on your inner strengths to live in the present as peacefully as you can

  • assist you in finding a safe place and discover ways to move forward with your life or manage your concerns.