Integrated counselling  collaboratively aimed at assisting each client to seek clarity about life issues or life living with Mental Health concerns.


Anything Is Possible

Sometimes in life we can feel overwhelmed by circumstances and what our inner voice is telling us.  This voice can become our best friend or worst enemy. Let me assist you in taking you to a place where you can achieve, step by step, your short and long-term life goals.  I am not referring to a quick fix, but a journey of discovery and belief that ‘Anything is possible’ within realistic life goals if you believe it can be and are prepared to do the work to get there.


Empowered Self- Belief

“We are who we think we are.  Who we think we are, we become.” This concept of setting your own self-fulfilling prophecy is, I believe, the beginning of getting to where you want to be or preventing yourself from reaching your life dreams.   Allow me to assist you in reminding you or discovering what has helped you to achieve your life goals so far or is hindering you and preventing you from achieving them.  Collaboratively, we can build on your self-belief, make plans and ways to act to allow you to achieve your goals or dreams. 


Live More Peacefully

Life is about living each day as best as we can.  Within the realities of life are joyful, fun, happy, sad, exciting, challenging and surprising experiences.  If you find yourself living mostly on the edge, sad, depressed or anxious please allow me to assist you in finding a peaceful way to manage the realities and ups and downs of life. 


Maintain Inner Strength

As we go about living in the present, working at achieving our goals,  or getting through our day, week, month or year we go forwards and, at times, circumstances can make us feel like we are going backwards.  By allowing me to encourage you to find strategies to maintain your inner strength, these set backs can become learning opportunities in life enabling you to keep going forward and get to where you want to be.  

Ethics & Privacy Policy

As part of working with you in the Counselling Context online or person to person, I will abide by the Australian Counsellor’s Association Code of Ethics.  These can be found by looking up their website:

Before counselling commences, I will send you an "Informed Consent Agreement" for you to review, sign and return to me. This Agreement provides you with maximum protection in relation to confidentiality.

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